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Revolutions in the auto industry are few and far between, so this year we are not surprised that the most expensive automobiles are, again, sports cars. A couple of premium sedans and SUVs appear here and there.

The average price of a vehicle has gone up to $351,000 from $341,000, an increase of 3 percent. Automakers increase the prices of blueblood automobiles to hedge against inflation, to compensate for disappointing sales or because they have added new features to the cars.

Sometimes the price increases seem like highway robbery. Saleen's S7, this year's most expensive car, costs $120,000 more than it did last year. According to Manhattan Motorcars, Saleen's New York dealer, the price hike is due to modifications to the S7's V-8 engine, whose horsepower is now up to 575 from 550. Assume for argument's sake that's the only reason for the extra $120K on the sticker, and we're talking about a cost of about $5,000 for each additional unit of horsepower. If Honda Motor charged $5,000 per horse, a high-end Civic would cost about $800,000.

Of course, you will realize how each car is aimed at buyers for whom money is as disposable as garbage. That's perhaps why the most expensive cars are sports cars: if you're going to throw away a ton of money, it had better be on something extremely fun.

You're not living large until you've got the "ride". Celebrities own the hottest machines on the road, from the blazing fast Lamborghini Countache, to the luxurious Bentley Arnage, to the big bad, Cadillac Escalade, these celebrity toys have people turning heads. We list celebrities super sport tuned motors loose for your drooling pleasure.

Fat Joe loves his Bentley Arnage so much, he showed up to his Sprint/Nextel commercial in it. One of celebrity elite vehicles on the road for it's superb craftsmenship, supreme comfort, and charged motor power, the Bentley Arnage shows off.

You may recognize Bam Margera from his stint on Jack-Ass and his own MTV show, Viva La Bam. You may also recognize Bam's orange Hummer H2. The one item seemingly industructable to Bam Margera's fury. No wonder the Hummer is growing into what it is today, A durable SUV, built to last, along with a cool looking design for the fashion friendly.

Celebrities advertise for cars and trucks all the time. Remember when Michael Jordan shared the television with the Cheverolet S-10. Chevy trucks were at their peak. Maybe that has something to do with lowering sales. Chevy trucks were good enough for Jordan, so they're good enough for any celebrity.

This years most expensive cars
1. Saleen S7
2. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
3. Porsche Carrera GT
4. Maybach 62
5. Rolls-Royce Phantom
6. Maybach 57
7. Lamborghini Murciélago
8. Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish
9. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
10. Ferrari 575M Maranello

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